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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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much to be thankful for on this holiday. it's his second day home after spending three weeks at a hospital. he misses school, friend and most of all a sense of normalcy. >> nice to be home in my own house. >> especially on thanksgiving. the recovery both mentally and physically will take time, three surgeries so far. bandages make it hard to walk. >> i can't walk as fast. i need to be careful. >> reporter: he suffered from second- and third-degree burns after someone lit his skirt on fire aboard a bus. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire. and i freak out. >> reporter: 16-year-old richard thomas admits he did it. police say thomas is homophobic but his attorney says it was a prank. >> you should really know
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better than to light someone's clothing on fire and i think you should be able to realize that's not just a funny prank. >> reporter: sasha's not ready to forgive the 16-year-old but thinks the case should be in juvenile court. >> i don't want to be too harsh just because people do dumb things. >> reporter: whether or not it was a hate crime, sasha says it was a hateful thing to set someone on fire. he is glad the attack brought awareness. >> i'm going to keep wearing a skirt. that's something that i'm not going to give up. it's a big part of who i am. >> reporter: he is thankful for the ability to express himself and so much more. >> i'm really glad that i could be home for thanksgiving. >> reporter: sasha won'tk riding the bus by himself anytime soon. he will go back to his high school in berkeley on monday. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, despite sasha's view on
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the juvenile suspect many people in the lgbt community want richmond thomas to be tried as an adult. the judge may issue his ruling next month. a smashed up van marks the scene where a violent crime spree in san jose today came to an end after police shot and killed the driver. there are three separate crime scenes in the case involving a high-speed chase, carjacking and several stabbings. kpix 5's mark sayre explains, violent chain of events. >> reporter: san jose police have still not released the name of the man who was shot and killed by an officer today but investigators say after this high-speed chase, the officer had no choice but to open fire. the stolen van which the now deceased suspect was driving crashed into a tree in a front yard on kirk glen drive. the car the officer was driving also remains in the quiet cul- de-sac. investigators using yellow markers to document shell
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casings and evidence. it all began at this apartment complex on moose avenue in east san jose around 10 :30 a.m. that's where police say the suspect stabbed three people. police say the suspect then ran to a senior apartment complex where he allegedly carjacked a van. >> the pursuit was led onto the freeway. the suspect was driving the wrong way on the freeway. >> reporter: in all, the chase was at least two miles. joy was driving on mabury road when the suspect came from the opposite direction out of control. >> he was in the middle of the road driving crazy going this way and that. we were thinking that maybe this guy is drunk because he was driving crazy. and then he is like driving like 70 miles per hour, something like that. >> reporter: why the suspect turned into this street is unknown. but that's when police say he confronted the officer, who was in pursuit. >> the officer attempted to stop the suspect vehicle.
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the suspect rammed the officer vehicle at which time the officer feared for his life and fired his duty weapon at the suspect. >> reporter: back at the carjacking site residents say they are thankful the victim of the carjacking was not seriously hurt. >> it's not right. you know, supposed to be quiet senior living. but we do have some action once in a while. >> reporter: joy still can't believe what a close call she had. >> because we almost got hit by it. >> reporter: now, san jose police say they believe that the now deceased suspect and the three original stabbing victims are acquainted. the exact nature of their relationship hasn't been revealed. the three stabbing victims are expected to survive. it's been a violent 24 hours in san jose. two separate overnight shootings sent three people to the hospital. they are all expected to survive. no word if the shootings are connected. so far no arrests or motive. in other news, a live look
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inside the best buy store in union city. shoppers getting the early start to black friday. the store opened the doors just a few minutes ago and, you know, it's relatively calm, relatively sane. the first person in line did tell us that he had been there since monday morning. popular items seemed to be the big tvs and game consoled. best buy stores across the country staying open now around the clock until 10:00 tomorrow night. >> 5:00 opening at toys 'r us. kpix 5's andria borba in san jose where the line to get in was wrapping around the store. >> reporter: it was. but just an hour later that line is all but gone. the parking lot is packed here though in san jose. that's perhaps the beginning of black friday getting banished into oblivion. lined up since 1:00. >> i'm looking for a wii u for my son's christmas present. >> reporter: with the inside of the store already staked out. >> i did it a month before.
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>> reporter: in a holiday shopping season defined by door busters the crowd at toys 'r us in san jose seemed to be taking the cues from mild-mannered disney princesses and not the ninja turtles. most with one or two items in mind. >> looking for my son's train set. my daughter i'm getting her the tablet for herself so she stops stealing it from my wife. >> reporter: and on a mission to save cash. >> i go here to the store often so i know where it's at. >> reporter: the thanksgiving shopping season was checked out as quick as it began. i caught that first shopper as she walked into this toys 'r us here in san jose, 5 minutes total and she was done. live in san jose, i'm andria borba, kpix 5. >> but not every store has been bustling. this is old navy. it's been open since this morning. lots of stuff for sale, but not a lot of customers. as our mark kelly shows us,
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that's not the only store that's been practically empty. >> reporter: several stores in the bay area open their doors early this morning including gap just to cash in early on that black friday rush. here's what the scene was like early this morning at 11:00 when gap opened its doors. yes, they did get customers but it can't compare to the typical rush and stampeding that comes with black friday. in fact, today's thanksgiving shopping was tame in comparison. earlier in the morning, we are at the ole navy in dublin expecting a line waiting for the doors to open at 9:00 at old navy, and not one person. same situation pretty quiet at this redwood city kmart. doors opened at 6 a.m. there and will stay open through black friday. that means those lights will be on the for the next 41 hours straight. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> while some people shop for holiday gifts others drop by grocery stores getting the last-
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minute things for their thanksgiving dinner. a lot of people we spoke with today said they are just trying to avoid the hassle of cooking this year. they were picking up the premade meals. >> it's cooked. you have to heat it up for two hours. >> picking up the turkey, already ordered it. everything is cooked you take it home and heat it up. >> easier than spending the day and night in the kitchen. our ryan takeo shows us how hundreds of volunteers spent their holiday helping those in need. >> reporter: you thought you had to cook a big feast. glide needed 500 volunteers to feed 5,000. ramon silvestri and his family drove from sacramento to help. >> i almost became homeless so it was tough. for me, i'm able to get out of that situation, i never forget these people. >> reporter: for him, peeling
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carrots reveals emotions of the struggles we hit. >> we are in that situation, i know how that feels being there and for me it means so much to even provide a simple meal. >> reporter: here even a simple welcome means something. michael williams says getting a warm meal today brings back warm memories. to get a meal like this takes you back when your mother or grandmother used to have you over for thanksgiving dinner and eat a good meal get all your brothers, sisters and cousins. this is it for us. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: glide is celebrating its 50th anniversary. its founder cecil williams can't believe the strides glide has made. >> sometimes when you look back and you say, how in the world could this have taken place, it hurts but it gives me great insight and great love. >> reporter: silvestri served helpings with a side of
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humility. he says topping off plates is much more rewarding after you have hit rock bottom. tomorrow this assembly line is going to be scaled back and there won't be nearly as many volunteers. but glide will still have to crank out 2300 meals and they still need volunteers every day of the year. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> lines wrapped around a restaurant in mountain view today. restaurante don giovanni has been serving free thanksgiving meals for the past 24 years. workers donate time and serve thousands. >> look at this. that's why i did this for. i see these people. it makes me so happy once a year. like invited home. >> the free meal service finished up about 4:00 this afternoon. a lot of people in livermore dropped by the center today to enjoy a free holiday meal, as well. this is not just for those in need. everyone in the community was
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welcome to come. >> it will save walgreens money, will it th not? >> thousands were served and hundreds were delivered to those who couldn't drop in. coming up, how bay area police rescued a driver from this car after it burst into flames. why they plan to arrest him. >> plus, the holiday hazard for bay area beach-goers. >> tomorrow will be the second "spare the air" day of the winter season. i'll have the reason with your pinpoint forecast. >> tough to weigh in these bay area hills. why they are known as the purple people. and their provocative experiment.
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speed chase that ended in a fiery crash. it all started w two north bay men are seriously hurt after leading police on a high-speed chase that ended in a fiery crash. it all started when police tried to pull over their car
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after a traffic violation in santa rosa. instead of stopping, the men took off on steele lane. investigators believe the driver was going about 100 miles per hour before then losing control. >> the vehicle failed to negotiate the turn and hit a light pole, fence and a portion of the house. >> police are still investigating why the driver and his passenger fled during the traffic stop. other bay area headlines. firefighters rescued four people after their car plunged off an embankment in san mateo county. the car fell 690 feet just after midnight from route 92. the cause is under investigation. the third winter "spare the air" alert of the week is issued. bay area air quality officials have banned wood burning tomorrow. it was also banned monday and tuesday. officials recommend you don't
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burn tonight but there is no ban. there is danger in the waves. kpix 5 reporter linda yee at ocean beach tonight. allen, surf's up and the good weather did bring out a lot of surfers today and families to get a little beach time before they carved into that turkey. as great wave action was out here, it was deceptively dangerous. ma jess stiff waves, a pounding surf. an optimum condition for sneaker waves larger-than- normal coastal waves that appear from nowhere that sweep people out to sea. >> today the waves are bigger than ever. >> reporter: there's a sneaker wave warning too. >> oh, really? >> reporter: and large riptides. >> wow. i wondered about that. you see my dog really likes to go in the water and today she is kind every like hanging back. >> reporter: it's dangerous for people walking, standing or playing on the beach. >> always be careful, respect. >> reporter: swells range from
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8 to 10 feet and surfers crowded the waters. the strong riptide warnings extend from sonoma all the way down to the monterey county coastline. >> i looked at conditions today. i guess like thanksgiving is like the best day of the year every year for some reason. these are awesome. there are a lot of people out today actually. kind of annoying. [ laughter ] >> but -- >> reporter: annoying you mean in terms of other surfers are out there it's crowded? >> yes, it's really crowded. but the waves were barreling. super conditions. >> reporter: dream conditions with a little danger on the side because of rogue waves. >> you can see it out there pulling people out. yeah. >> reporter: scary? >> no. you need to know what you're doing. >> the flow is strong. but the waves are good. they are closing out a little bit. >> reporter: well, like the man said, you have to respect nature. rip currents are always strong along this coastline here in northern california. reporting live in ocean beach in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. well, cap transisn't going
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to take -- caltrans isn't going to take any chances with projected high tides. they are closing marin county manzanita park and ride lot for a week beginning sunday. it turned into a nice day to spend at the beach. maybe not go in the water if you're not experienced but it was lovely. >> water temperature between 54 and 56 degrees right now. did you notice the wet suit? >> yes. >> advisable. >> very thick one. >> yeah. >> i bet that felt so good, very refreshing. what a day today across the bay area. hi, everybody! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. tonight as the sun has set at 4:51, temperatures have cooled off very rapidly. currently in the 50s, except for san francisco at 60 degrees. you can barely buy a breeze out there today. air mass was stagnant. we made it all the way up to 70 in santa rosa, san rafael, fairfield as well as in livermore. upper 60s in oakland. it was 68 degrees in mountain view. and about 4 degrees above normal for this time of the year in san jose.
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7 degrees above normal in san francisco. here's how we're going to play out the forecast tonight. 30s in napa and sonoma. otherwise 50s and 40s in the bay, 50s into the santa clara area. tonight overnight we'll have a few scattered clouds, wake up under partly cloudy skies clearing out to sunshine and bright conditions for all you shoppers. and the extended forecast calls for rain chances back in the forecast and you will notice definitely a dramatic change in temperature. this is the area of low pressure spinning its wheels right off the northern california coast. notice the precipitation remains well to the west of the san clement area and also in throughout san diego. this low will continue to dig further south taking its rain chances with them. behind it, very stagnant weather pattern at least all the way through the weekend. so we will remain dry but
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windless and when we don't have any wind and we have a lot of fireplaces going, air quality deteriorates. that's why it is the third "spare the air" day of the season. poor to unhealthy air quality in throughout the north bay and also the santa clara valley. that's you'll notice a haze in the atmosphere. oakland. oakland average high this time of the year is 60 degrees. concord 64. this is how we are going to figure out your temperatures for your friday. 63 in san francisco. so it will be cooler. 67 san jose. 65 degrees in glen ellen. mid-60s in santa rosa. winds very slight out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. mostly cloudy monday. cloudy with daily chances of you needing that umbrella all the way through thursday but notice the temperatures take a significant dip between monday and tuesday. so while we will have sunny skies tomorrow all the way through the weekend, we have a
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big-time weather pattern change by monday leading into the tail end of next week. and bring it. >> we'll feel it. >> yes. we'll definitely feel it. >> all the codes everybody buys tomorrow, right? one of the bay area's biggest thanksgiving day events in the silicon valley turkey trot in downtown san jose. about 28,000 people took part this morning. over the years it's raised more than $3.5 million for charities. >> it's for a good cause. and i just want to do something healthy. >> it's the atmosphere. it's fun. a lot of people -- it's a fun day to go. >> this is the turkey trot's ninth year in san jose. still ahead, what's blamed for an increase in violence at our county jails. >> and how this thanksgiving day provided a feast for the eyes for bay area car enthusiasts. ♪
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because we know how much you do to make the holidays just right. from ornaments to ottomans, memories are made with ikea.
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there's wasn t even a sale. but thanksgiving crowds were there, anyway, looking at a dreaming about the next generation of automobiles. our don knapp was there, to it wants free at the moscone center today. there weren't any sales. but crowds were looking at and dreaming about the next generation of automobiles. our don knapp was there, too. >> reporter: this is the thanksgiving feast for car buffs, 38 manufacturers. you can climb inside without a salesman getting in with you. i notice you all three got in. is that how you check out a car? >> definitely, yeah. got to check out the back seat, too. >> reporter: one-stop window shopping for just about every car. >> you have the hybrids. you have electric cars. you have the suvs. you have the crossovers. certainly, the exotic cars are the eye candy. >> reporter: none much sweeter than this lamborghini. >> about $400,000 for this one. that one goes from 450 to $500,000. >> reporter: this lambeau is on
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sale for half that. since they won't let us drive this lamborghini at moscone center we can only tell you what it feels like. when you get into it, it feels like it fits you live a glove, a $200,000 glove. these try a convertible, others clammer for the spongebob highlander. another a mercedes cla250. >> i'm looking for new exciting stuff. i want to look at the tesla, new porsches, maserati. leaning on dreaming right now. [ laughter ] >> reporter: bob and his wife liz were just curious about the feel of a $100,000 maserati. >> we are a chevy family. been driving chevys for 40 years, plus, since high school. >> reporter: not about to jump into a maserati. >> probably not, know. >> he cam dream. >> reporter: in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. >> the auto show runs through monday night at the moscone center. well, you might call this black friday phobia. a southern california woman
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says she will never forget the stampede that erupted two years ago at a walmart store. what used to be for her a fun family tradition is forever etched in her memory as a traumatic event. shoppers were crying, gasping for air. that was after a woman unleashed pepper spray on the crowd. >> we just heard screaming and yelling and you see cardboard fly up in the air. and that was it. it was just like barbaric. >> that was crazy. walmart and other big box stores say they do have crowd control plans for the shopping rush. we kind of saw that at the best buy in san jose tonight. things were calm. the popular items they say will be moved to warehouses. you're going to be required to wear a wristband or get a voucher in order to buy it. coming up in our next half hour, they are called the purple people. tucked away in these bay area hills, we take you inside the commune where, well, you just have to see for yourself. >> what is blamed for an increase in violence in our county jails?
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>> it is very boring and i feel so lonely. >> why this retired bay area schoolteacher has been stuck in her own home for weeks until our consumerwatch unit stepped in. ,, female announcer: through sunday, through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. choose $300 in free gifts with tempur-pedic. even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend.
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inside a bay area commune... they've been around since t late 60s. it's experimental lifestyle so we did all kinds of different things. >> now at 6:30, a rare look inside a bay area commune. they have been around since the late '60s. the people inside are intensely private. but not shy. kind of hard to be shy when they specialize in sex. joe vazquez tells us about the purple people. >> reporter: nestled in the rolling hills lies lafayette morehouse one of california's oldest intentional communities, a commune. it's situated here in a remote area of unincorporated lafayette. they just celebrated their 45th anniversary. many neighbors i talked to have no idea it's here. >> i'm surprised. >> reporter: looking for the address?
6:30 pm
>> no. [ laughter ] >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: but the old-timers are familiar. some refer to the group as the purple people because their homes and cars and even some of their clothes they wear are purple. >> i'm so used to it. it doesn't surprise me. there's one of the purple people. >> experimental lifestyle so we did all kinds of different things. >> reporter: an author and his wife vera joined lafayette in the '70s and lived there for abou 20 years. they explored group living and relationships but they are best known for researching and teaching others about women's sexual pleasure. >> women to have long extended orgasms. >> reporter: steve says he would still be there but his wife decided it was time to leave. >> everything was in the open so sometimes a lot of times the women would arrange the dates for their -- their husbands or boyfriends with another friend of theirs. there's no like sneaking around. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in recent months, lafayette morehouse appears to have ramped up its public presence on its facebook page
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and website where they clearly state they are not a cult. there is no common spiritual belief. and former members that i talked to say anybody is free to leave whenever they want. >> we're a university community. >> reporter: at one point in its history it had an accredited college campus called more university. you could get a ph.d. in sensuality. >> sexual information how to give women pleasure basically. that's what we majored in and that's what we got our degrees in. >> reporter: i reached out this them. they declined a request for an interview. more university is no more. lost its accreditation. but look at the website now. lafayette morehouse, they still offer classes in sensuality as they have for more than four decades. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> well, back in the early '90s, the group took in some homeless people and the county took them to court. joe searched court documents and talked to local authorities and didn't find any recent
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lawsuits and no criminal complaints. the ten most populous county jails in california have seen an increase in inmate violence. that's following the law that took effect in 2011. sentencing led serious offenders to county jails instead of state prisons. alameda and santa clara saw a drop of crime. but throughout the state inmate assaults are up 32%, inmate on staff assaults up 27%. strong winds in new york city did not ground a holiday tradition. cbs reporter marlie hall shows us this year's thanksgiving day parade. >> reporter: new york's annual thanksgiving day parade kicked off with cheers and with the 16 giant balloons soaring. >> we have been walking around in the rain watching them blow up these balloons hoping they would fly. >> reporter: high winds generated by this week's winter storm threatened to ground the helium balloons. police cleared them to fly through the city streets but at
6:33 pm
lower levels than usual. >> i was excited. i was like yippie! >> reporter: this year's parade featured four new balloons: snoopy and woodstock, spongebob squarepants, and venture time with finn and jake, and toothless from "how to train your dragon" > happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: along with the usual hundreds of clowns, floats, dozens of smaller balloons and celebrity. >> i was hoping the balloons could fly because again, people put so much time and effort into that. >> reporter: an estimated 3.5 million people have lined the parade route despite the frigid temperatures to kick off the holiday season. >> it's a lot of sense of family. we like to celebrate and cheer together. >> reporter: the,000 people who took part in the parade were also thankful the big balloons lifted off and that santa was able to fly in from the north pole. marlie hall for cbs news, new york. >> the balloons have only been grounded once in the parade's 87-year history. well, some u.s. soldiers marked the holiday far from
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home in afghanistan. there are still 47,000 american troops there. soldiers got thanksgiving day dinner at night tow headquarters in kabul. -- at night tow headquarters in kabul. after they ate they recorded video message for their families. >> happy thanksgiving. >> be home as soon as i can. love you and miss you. >> happy thanksgiving! >> happy thanksgiving. [ laughter ] >> president obama thanked all the men and women in uniform in his weekly radio address. the white house released this picture of the president making calls to 10 servicemembers to personally wish them a happy thanksgiving. dozens of bay area volunteers spent the day today packing food for the san francisco and marin county food banks. more than 32,000 families will be able to prepare a thanksgiving meal in their own homes thanks to the generosity of donors and volunteers. many are grateful for the chance to give back to the larger community. >> it gives me pleasure to help out. in the past, you know, i was in a similar situation so it's
6:35 pm
good to give back and i encourage people that are doing well in life to help out for those who are struggling. >> the san francisco and marin county food banks are looking for volunteers to pack and sort goods this holiday season. and throughout the year. you can donate at any whole foods market. we have also posted more information on how you can help online on our website, i want to know what is going on. >> why this disabled bay area woman had been stuck in her own home for weeks. what happened after our consumerwatch unit got involved. >> they feel whole again. >> how this former bay area journalist triumphed against adversity is inspiring others during the battle of their lives. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but one east bay woman was housebound for weeks ... unl she called consumerwatch. j watts has he
6:38 pm
it is a challenge for most 90-year-olds to stay mobile but one east bay woman was house- bound for weeks until she called consumerwatch. julie watts has her story. >> try to find you a ride for sunday. there won't be anybody here to lift the wheelchair into the car. >> reporter: for maxine strickland, getting out to go to church or see friends or shop is not easy. >> start from the side. >> reporter: that's because this 94-year-old retired schoolteacher is a double amputee. and for the last decade, maxine has relied on tridelta transit's 88 bus program to get around. like every transit agency in the u.s. tridelta is required to offer special door-to-door services for the disabled but lately she has been house-bound. >> it's boring and i feel lonely. >> reporter: the company says it gives about 100,000 88 compliant rides a year but the
6:39 pm
problem with maxine comes down paperwork. federal law requires all ada transit riders to reapply for bus service every three years. several months ago they contacted her to get her application process going and that's where the wheels on this bus fell off so to speak. >> i want to know what is going on. >> reporter: maxine filled out the forms and they got sent back and she filled them out again. >> thank you. >> reporter: then she and her friend sharon first made calls to tridelta trying to get maxine back on board. and when that didn't work, sharon called consumerwatch. >> the first person i thought of, first channeling i thought of, was kpix 5 channel 5 consumerwatch. >> reporter: after consumerwatch contacted the agency, tridelta delivered curbside service sending an ada officer directly to maxine's house. now maxine has her wheels back but as for the processing delay, this sassy former school teacher doesn't hesitate to offer up a grade. >> "f." because they should be smarter
6:40 pm
than that. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. >> well, if you have a consumer complaint, call our hotline at 1-888-5-helps-u. >> she was a tough teacher. from the anchor desk to a more personal mission. >> i began to say okay, this is the.for me to do what i have now come to do. >> how an ex-bay area news anchor is providing hope for women facing the toughest battle of their lives. >> and as night falls on this thanksgiving eve, we have clouds rolling into the forecast. the impact it will have on your friday with the pinpoint forecast coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell. please, no turkey jokes about the raiders. >> the lions eat the packers. and the turkey bowl high school style. >> i was throwing up literally. >> the city championship is coming up. >> gobble, gobble, gobble. >> some giant turkey gobblers.
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ysabel duron is using her experience to a former bay area news anchor and cancer survivor is
6:44 pm
dedicating her life to helping others. she is shining a spotlight on cancer in latino communities. kpix 5's len ramirez shows us how she is now being honored for her work. >> reporter: isabel duran is diving into her second career with all of the skill, energy and tenacity she brought to bear in her first. >> i have to believe that each day i do something, it's going to move us towards that new goal or that bigger goal. >> reporter: she is the ceo of latinas against cancer a nonprofit agency for fighting cancer in the latino community. she is a trusted face after capping off a 42-year career as a reporter and anchorwoman. >> they are perfectly willing to die for what they are doing. >> reporter: although she won the first of her emmys covering the kidnapping of patty hearst, the story that really changed her life was when she turned the camera on herself fighting and surviving hodgkin's lymphoma in 1998.
6:45 pm
>> i began to say, okay, this is the point for that me to do what i have come to do. >> reporter: next we'll she will be honored by for people who benefit society in the second half of their lives. >> the purpose prize is certainly giving me the opportunity to turn the spotlight on a critical issue in the latino community. >> reporter: formed by her years ago, it focuses on the biggest problems for most latinos, prevention, screening and affordable healthcare. >> they are going through chemo, they come in and we give them a wig. we also provide prostheses which are very expensive. >> reporter: it also provides practical and emotional support especially for women fighting breast cancer and hospice for those who have lost their personal battles. >> it's not always easy to measure until someone comes in with a towel in her bra for the last year after they have had a mastectomy. and you send them away with a
6:46 pm
prosthesis. and they walk differently. they feel differently. they feel whole again. that's a win-win that one can measure. >> reporter: the purpose prize says don't leave your legacy, live your legacy. and that's exact what she is doing. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> seven people were awarded the purposes prize this year and ysabel is one of two $100,000 winners. >> incredible lady. >> i love that woman. we go all the way back to our chicago days and she has always been so brilliant at anything she tackles. hats off to her. >> right. what a day today! >> beautiful. >> spectacular. >> i went out for a turkey trot today. [ laughter ] >> did you take the turkey? >> it was my own turkey trot today. i was amazed up to 70 degrees. tonight as sunset was at 4:51 temperatures fell rapidly. currently in the 50s except for san francisco now at 60
6:47 pm
degrees. 57 degrees in santa rosa after a high today of 70. in fact, it was 70 in san rafael through kentfield. 70 in fairfield. and also 70 degrees in livermore. upper 60s in san jose back through santa clara and in the mid- and high 60s across the peninsula. tonight we'll tumble down into the upper 30s and 50s not as cold as last night due to a few clouds on the increase. in fact, we'll have scattered clouds throughout the va since overnight tonight. tomorrow morning we'll start off with partly cloudy conditions and end up with full-on sunshine. the extended forecast you're going to feel the difference. we have rain chances but most notably will be the cooler air mass that works its way into our forecast. right there, that's it. that's the area of low pressure that continues to spin its wheels right off the california coastline. see that right there that green on your screen? that's precipitation that's just off the coast of oceanside and san clemente and san diego going to stay off the coast, as well. this area of low pressure will continue to slide south take
6:48 pm
its rain chances with it but it will continue to fuel some clouds into the bay area. so that's why we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy overnight. behind it here, nothing happening. upstream, that's what's going to change our forecast as early as monday. if you do have any traveling plans or expect anybody for your friday, sfo starts off with clouds then sunshine a high of 64. tomorrow night's low of 49 degrees. meanwhile up and around the country we go. seattle rain showers in the 50s. denver 58 degrees, full-on sunshine. nasty in chicago, lots of cold weather, also lots of precipitation. 35 degrees but dry in chicago and new york will be 37 degrees after a high today of 35. okay. average high in oakland is 60. 65 in the offering for shoppers tomorrow. concord at 65. and mid-60s in san jose which is still 3 degrees above average. pinpoint forecast, 60s across the board pretty uniform from
6:49 pm
the coast to the inland areas. only about 8-degree spread from pacifica into blackhawk but meanwhile, the winds tomorrow only out of the west five to ten miles per hour. so the air quality will be poor to unhealthy. to the north of the golden gate bridge and also to the south, that air mass is not getting mixed up so it is the third "spare the air" day of the winter season. here is your extended forecast. we call for a dry weather pattern with very little change all the way through the weekend. and then we cloud up on monday and that will lead to rain chances over the weekend. oh, speaking of the weekend, if you have plans, it's skating and it's back at the embarcadero over weekend at 64 degrees. that's your pinpoint forecast. oh, yeah, dennis in the house with sports next. ,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
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how to finish a game they se way they start it, they'd ba playoff the raiders started off okay. they looked good in the beginning. >> that's the way it goes. they have four weeks now to figure out who their quarterback is going to be for the future. he may not be on the team. if the raiders ever figure out to finish a game, the same way they start it, they would be a play-off team. instead they guaranteed themselves an 11th straight year without a winning record. mac mcgloin taking center stage in dallas. he was clapping for good reason.
6:53 pm
opening kickoff, return to terrence williams for the cowboys hit by bennett. he fumbles. the rookie greg jenkins is johnnie on the spot. scoops it up, he scores before jerry jones was ever inside his luxury box. tied in the 2nd quarter, jennings outside to pay dirt held to 35 yards but the raiders took a 14-7 lead. and then later in the quarter, jennings scores his second of the game. 21-7 raiders, dallas stunned. 21-14 raiders still by 7 at the break. someone named selina gomez entertained the crowd. romo finds the security blanket, dez bryant for the touchdown. game tied at 21. murray continues his thanksgiving feast on the ground and the raiders defense, scored his third touchdown early in the fourth to give dallas the 28-21 lead. dallas rushes for 144 yards.
6:54 pm
here's the key to the game. mcgloin throws it up, jump ball, jacoby ford is 5'9." that is not a good decision cowboys won 31-24. vern glenn in dallas. >> reporter: at at&t stadium you see the final score for the ninth time in 12 games the raiders score first and like the story goes, unable to finish. they did not convert a third down the entire second half. again it's hard to do that when you don't have the ball. >> we didn't have an opportunity to move the ball. as you can see, we moved the ball effectively when we had an opportunity. if i had a calendar, i checked it, i wanted to come here and play well in front of the team that i played for. you know, it's bad that we didn't get the win. >> we mistackled and we did not take advantage of when we had them wrapped up, we just didn't
6:55 pm
get them on the run. good backs run through tackles like that. it starts with myself and i got to get -- to help get us off on third down. >> we feel like we're, you know, a better team than what our record would suggest. but you are what your record says you are. so tough loss for us. and, you know, on to the next one, i guess. >> reporter: the loss assures the raiders an 11th straight season without a winning record since going to the super bowl in 2002. and they have 10 days to think about it before they go to the jets. at at&t stadium, in arlington, texas, vern glenn, kpix 5. green bay remains winless since aaron rodgers broke his collarbone. matt flynn started and was sacked 10 times. he was thrown down for a safety. they scored 37 unanswered points to blow out the pack 40-
6:56 pm
10 to snap a nine-game losing streak on thanksgiving. the turkey day game is a san francisco tradition that dates back to the coolidge administration. [ yelling ] >> physical game from the beginning. quarterback kyle nelson eludes the pocket off to the races. he will do his best kaepernick impression on the outside edge and scores a touchdown. and that ties the game, yeah, how about it! how do you like it! 3rd quarter, nelson with the kick drop back by jackson and folks. there he goes. he outruns the lincoln defense for the 80-yard touchdown. 24-20 lions. give me the 4th quarter. one minute left. galileo 34-30, last chance for the mustangs. lincoln quarterback fumbles the football! oh!! galileo recovers and wins their first city championship since 2009, 34-30 the final.
6:57 pm
>> i was throwing up literally! my whole body is on this field. for galileo, baby. jihad, baby. >> great stuff. kezar stadium is where the 49ers used to play football and they did such a great job remodeling the stadium, downsizing it for high school classics. i love the turkey bowl. >> they look like the pros. they look fantastic out there. >> yeah, i don't know if they had the same speed and stuff. >> but they're doing good. >> the spirit of that game, you get back to the grassroots, seriously, that's what it's all about. they love to come out. >> last year we had a kid who said he felt like throwing up. stop eating big before the game! >> yeehaw! >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, >> enjoy the rest of your evening. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you fellas doing today? thank you v very much. welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got another good one for you today. returning for the second day, from lithonia, georgia, it's the kirk family. and from leicester, mass., it's the brown family. >> hanmi taekwondo. steve: scared of them. all right, now. well, everybody's here trying to win theyself a lot of cash today and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new ford fusion. yeah.


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